Thursday, September 6, 2012

Phonics Fun!

Here are some fun and hands-on phonics activities :

Lesson 1 :   Using a dry erase board or paper/crayons,  state a letter sound and have your LO draw a picture that corresponds to the letter sound dictated.   If your LO do not yet know their letter sounds, then you can simply state the letter itself and have them draw a picture that begins with that letter.  This is a great activity for kids that love drawing.   I even did the reverse and had my LO draw a picture and I had to guess the letter/letter sound.

Lesson 2 :   Put toys/toddler friendly items in a brown bag. Have your LO reach into the bag and pick out one item. Have your LO state the beginning letter/beginning or ending letter/sounds of the item theyy picked.
After all the items are out of the bag, have your LO group  the items according to the same letter/sounds/syllables.

Lesson 3 :   Have a phonics lesson at the grocery store or use food toys you may have at home.  "Mommy/Daddy needs something that is red, juicy and grows on trees."    (apples).    "Mommy is looking for something that is long, bright colored,  is a vegetable, and rabbits sometimes eat it."  (carrots).

Lesson 4:   Do a scavenger hunt/I spy game of toys/toddler friendly items.  "I spy something that is begins with a "b",  is blue and has legs."   " Find me 3 toys that begin with the "b" sound or begins with the letter b. "

Lesson 5:   If you have letter stickers, use them for spelling lessons.  You can be challenging and spell c a _ and have them find the missing letter using the stickers.  

Lesson 6:  Fold the paper to make 4 boxes.  Right a letter in each box.  Have your LO find a sticker that matches the beginning or ending sound of the letter in the box.   For example, I put the letter "O" and I asked my son to find a sticker that had the same beginning sound.  He found an octopus.

Enjoy and have fun!!!

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